Black Hawk County Gaming Association Grants

The Black Hawk County Gaming Association now requires a letter of intent as the first step in its grant application process. To correspond with the changes in the BHCGA requirements, UNI's internal selection process for BHCGA applications now requires a one-page project summary, including a total project budget with amount requested from BHCGA and contributed from other sources, be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs one month prior to the BHCGA deadline.  The internal selection deadlines are: Nov. 1, Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1. See BHCGA Submission Policy for instructions on how to apply.

UNI applicants with letter of intent requests deemed appropriate and meeting BHCGA grant guidelines will be invited to submit full applications for BHCGA funding.

For more information on BHCGA grants, see: Black Hawk County Gaming Association

If you are interesting in applying or have questions about the Black Hawk County Gaming Association grants, please contact Hillery Oberle.