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Copyright Tutorials

The following three copyright tutorials will introduce you to basic concepts of copyright law and compliance with special focus on higher education. Bear in mind that copyright fundamentals remain the same across institutions, but local policies and practices differ. Therefore, some details in these tutorials may not apply to copyright at UNI.


Copyright Basics: Kansas State University
A good, linear presentation. See FAQ section at end of tutorial.

Interactive Guide To Using Copyrighted Media in Your Courses:
Baruch College, City University of New York
Very helpful tutorial focused on what faculty need to know to comply with copyright law as they use Audio, Images, and Audiovisuals in their teaching. Genuinely 'interactive' and engaging, based on a nicely done approximation of a NYC subway map. [Substitute Web-CT for Blackboard when taking the tutorial; NOTE: At this time, the link to this site's FAQs does NOT work.]

North Carolina State University Copyright Tutorial
Take the first two tutorials: Copyright Ownership and Copyright Use.

Excellent introduction to copyright within the higher education environment. Covers the gamut of copyright policies and procedures for North Carolina State University, and for the most part these apply to our situation at UNI. [When in doubt, check with the UNI Copyright Committee!] Lots of text to read. Especially good treatment of: "the academic exception"; "posting materials found on the Internet"; "library exemptions"; "faculty-authored materials." Particularly good explanation of "fair use."

A reminder: policies and procedures cited in this tutorial may not be the same as those in effect at UNI.