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Ethics Symposium 2013 Followup

Ethics In Organizations Symposium

Friday, October 18, 2013 

Location: Center for Energy & Environmental Education
University of Northern Iowa (south side of campus)




Thanks to all of the symposium attendees for their participation and evaluation feedback.  Evaluation respondents were overwhelmingly positive about the event and noted a desire for additional events on ethics topics.  The partners do intend to plan new offerings in the future and we encourage anyone interested in helping out to let us know!

Keynote Presentation

Video of Dr. Ruud's keynote presentation is available here:

Dr. Ruud's powerpoint slides


Checkpoints for ethical decision-making - Kidder

Questions involved in ethical decision-making - Nash

Ethical definitions and continua - Perreault

Tips on living ethically - Perreault

Ethics Resources and References

Posters Displayed at the Symposium

Historical moments in Ethics - 1960s, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's

Ten things you can do to avoid being the next Enron

Criteria for world's most ethical companies

Do you think you will behave ethically

Lessons in Hubris - Napoleon's tragic march home from Moscow

Types of misconduct observed by employees

Sources of pressure to compromise standards

Quotes from financial titans

Recommendations from 2011 ERC Ethics Survey

Other Display Items - can also be downloaded from the Ethics Resource Center

2011 National business ethics survey: Workplace ethics in transition

National business ethics survey of social networkers (2011-2012)

Building a corporate reputation of integrity (2011)

Generational differences in workplace ethics (2011)

Inside the mind of a whistleblower (2011)

Retaliation: When whistleblowers become victims (2011)