Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Federal Grants Application Improvements

If you apply for federal grants through, you may have heard that the “Legacy PDF” application method is being retired at the end of 2017. Applicants will find many significant improvements to the application process, from registration to using the new Workspace web portal.

You can now register on without providing UNI’s DUNS number. As a registered user, you can subscribe to or search for funding opportunities. If you save your searches, you will even receive emails when new grant opportunities meet your search criteria.

Click here for the Registration Video.

When you are ready to apply, adding UNI’s DUNS number to your profile will allow ORSP to assign you access to create a Workspace. Workspaces have user-friendly webforms and allow for easy collaboration; participants can work on different application elements simultaneously with no need to email back and forth, as with the old system.

The Community Blog has many helpful videos and posts. Or, contact our office with any questions.