Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Internal Funding Available for Research and Other Scholarship by UNI Faculty and Staff

Research and Sponsored Programs 2018-19 Capacity Building Grant Program


Capacity Grant Recipients Fall 2018

Peter Berendzen, Biology, The Use of Genome-Wide SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) data in the application of conservation genetics where conventional datasets fail
Laura Pitts, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Aerodigestive patterns in persons with Parkinsonism
Ron Rinehart, Educational Psychology & Foundations, Fostering argumentation and scientific reasoning

Capacity Grant Recipients Fall 2017

Tilahun Abebe, Biology, Shotgun proteomics to identify proteins for drought tolerance in barley
Dilbur Arsiwalla & Adam Butler, Psychology, The Mediating and moderating role of sleep patterns and disorders in associations between traumatic brain injury and physical and mental health among young adults
Seong-In Choi & Rob Hitlan, Psychology, Cognitive, physiological, and attitudinal reaction to inter-racial interaction stress
James Dietrich, Geography, Coupled geomorphic and ecologic river monitoring with an autonomous surface vehicle
Randall Harlow, Music, Global Hyperorgan: Bridging cultures through acoustic music
James Jurgenson, Biology, Virus induced gene silencing of Fusarium Verticilloides in Zea maize
Amanda McCandless, Heather Peyton, & Cayla Bellamy, Music, Expanding the medium: Commissioning new works for trio d'anches
Nageswara Rao Posinasetti, Julie Zhang, & Rukmini Sikrant Revuru, Technology, Application of vegetable oil based cutting fluids in sustainable machining of steel
Theresa Spradling & James Demastes, Biology, Analysis of a fragmented mitochondrial genome in chewing lice
Matthew Vasquez, Social Work, and Ashleigh Kysar-Moon, Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology, The Effects of trauma-sensitive Yoga and Tai Chi on mental health: A Pilot RCT

Other Internal Funding Available at UNI

Pretenure Seed Grants are provided by the Provost's office - look under Faculty Development Resources

The Intercollegiate Academics Fund (IAF) reimburses students collaborating with faculty on research or creative activity for their travel to conferences and competitions.

Faculty Sponsorship Fund:  Faculty who are traveling with students who have received an IAF award - you may apply for travel funds, prior to the trip, through the provost's Faculty Sponsorship Fund. 

Graduate College Summer Fellowship Program

Graduate College Professional Development Assignments

CHAS Grants for faculty

CSBS Project Grant