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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Proposal Submission Glossary

Submission Appointment:  A scheduled time with RSP when the PI/PD releases the proposal to be authorized by the Grants and Contracts Administrator, who signs the Routing Form and, when appropriate, submits electronic proposals.  The PI/PD does not have to be present, but is requested to remain available by phone or email in case any questions or concerns arise.

Proposal Routing and Approval Form (a.k.a. Routing Form; formally known as the Request for External Funds Form):  A form to be filled out by the PI/PD and routed with a copy of the full proposal to supervising personnel for authorization by signature prior to submission.  The Grants and Contracts Administrator is the last person to sign this form. Signatures are required from the Dean and Department Head for the Primary PI/PD and all Co-PI/PDs.  Additional signatures (i.e. Facilities Planning, Human Subjects, etc.) may be required.  Download the Proposal Routing and Approval Form.  Be aware of signatorys’ travel and other absences that may interfere in collecting signatures on time.

Required Budget Review:  During the Required Budget Review, a Grant Specialist examines the budget and budget justification to ensure compliance with University and funding agency guidelines, to avoid unnecessary under- or over-budgeting, and lay the groundwork for efficient and effective grants and contracts management.  At a minimum, submit 1) a detailed budget spreadsheet in Excel, 2) the budget justification, 3) any official budget forms required by the external sponsor, 4) a copy of the proposal guidelines, and 5) when possible, a draft of the proposal narrative. We encourage PI/PDs to seek comments from a Grant Specialist on draft budgets as early as possible.

“Complex” Budget: A complex budget is one that includes one or more of the following components:  multiple types of UNI personnel, cost sharing commitments, participant costs, or sub-awards to partnering organizations.

“Simple” Budget: A simple budget is one that does not include multiple types of UNI personnel, cost sharing commitments, participant costs, or sub-awards to partnering organizations.

Electronic File Review:  During the Electronic File Review, a Grant Specialist examines the electronic file to ensure to the best of their ability that no errors are present in regards to registration, forms, attachments, or other components of the proposal file that might interrupt successful electronic submission.