Protection of Human Research Participants


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    IRB Policies and Procedures - Updated January, 2017

    I.  Administration
    Background and Principles
    Governmental Oversight and Regulations
    IRB Scope and Authority
    Roles and Responsibilities (Institution and IRB)
    Board Composition
    IRB Meetings


    II. IRB Review Process and Considerations
    Which Projects Require Review
    Class Projects
    Key Personnel and Training
    Study Site Cooperation
    Application & Screening Process
    Review Process
    Inter-Institutional Research and Unaffiliated Researchers
    Risks and Benefits
    Privacy and Confidentiality
    Compensation of Participants
    Special Populations
    Research with Children & Youth
    Research in K-12 Educational Settings
    Research Using Existing or Secondary Data


    III. After Approval
    Continuing Review and Project Closure
    Study Modifications
    Reporting Problems


    General Questions
    You have submitted your IRB Application. What happens next?
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Archived IRB Manual
    Policies & Procedures for Protections of Human Research Participants - 2011 webpages


    Resources for Researchers

    Primer for Reporting Data while Maintaining Confidentiality - This is Chapter 2 of a report by the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology that describes how to protect confidentiality or privacy of participants when reporting statistical data from research studies.

    2017 edition of the International Compilation of Human Research Standards - The Compilation features listings of over 1,000 laws, regulations, and guidelines on human subject protections in 113 countries, as well as standards issued by a number of international and regional organizations.

        Questions concerning processing of IRB protocols or research projects involving human subjects should be directed to the IRB Administrator Anita Gordon, Director of Research Ethics, or 319-273-6148.