Sponsored Projects Submission Policy

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) is the university's authoritative agent for the submission of proposals and acceptance of awards for sponsored projects on behalf of the University of Northern Iowa. The authorizing signature of the RSP Grants and Contracts Administrator, or his/her designees, certifies that commitments made on grants, contracts and agreements can be honored, verifies the accuracy of information provided on grant proposals or contract agreements, and ensures that all sponsored agreements conform to government regulations, agency guidelines, and University policies. 

In order to fulfill this responsibility and to help UNI prepare the best and most competitive proposals, all sponsored project proposals for grants, contracts, and agreements are to be reviewed and approved by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs before submission to the external sponsor.

RSP review and approval is required for all proposals, applications, concept papers, contracts, and subcontracts, hereinafter referred to collectively as “proposals,” whether public or private sponsors, requesting funds and/or committing University resources (e.g. personnel, space, funds, equipment and facility use, etc.). This also includes all pre-proposals or letters upon which a grantor may base a decision to fund, and governmental scholarship and fellowship applications, which if awarded, will be paid to the university (not directly to the individual). 

RSP review and approval is required regardless of whether UNI is the lead organization submitting directly to a funder or  a subcontractor or collaborator, and regardless of the method of proposal transmission to the sponsor, e.g. via e-mail, paper copy or electronic submission. Even when a sponsor’s electronic system gives Principal Investigators/Project Directors (PIs/PDs) the authority to submit, RSP approval is first required. Likewise, proposals that do not require an institutional signature still must be approved by RSP before the PI/PD submits the proposal to the sponsor.

Proposals Not Subject to RSP Review and Approval

Typically, the University of Northern Iowa serves as the legal recipient of grants and contracts. However, two exceptions are grants or contracts awarded directly to individuals and grants managed by the UNI Foundation. These types of proposals are not managed by RSP and are not subject to the RSP review and approval requirement.

Grants or Contracts to Individuals: Proposals for external funding such as fellowships and scholarships in which the individual, rather than the university, is the legal recipient are exempt from the RSP review and approval process. Faculty and staff should contact RSP for assistance in determining whether UNI or an individual is the legal recipient.

Grants Managed by the UNI Foundation: University Policy 9.02 – Grants and Gifts provides criteria for determining which unit provides submission assistance and financial oversight according to the type and source of funding. The UNI Foundation generally manages non-governmental funding, providing no provisions as outlined in Policy 9.02 are present. Faculty and staff should consult with either RSP or UNI Foundation staff for assistance and submission procedures.



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