Spring 2013 Grantees: Capacity Building, NSF EPSCoR and Regents Innovation Fund

Congratulations to the following faculty and staff who have been awarded grants through the Provost's Capacity Building Fund, the NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Seed Grant Fund, and the Regents Innovation Fund (RIF) during the Spring 2013 semester:

Provost’s Scholarship Grants (Up to $1,000)

College of Business Administration
Wee Meng Eric Lee (Accounting), Adam Smedema (Finance) & Holly Kockler (Accounting)
Atul Mitra (Management)
Jeffrey Stokes (Finance)

College of Education
Ben Forsyth (Educational Psychology & Foundations)
Curtis Nielsen (Office of Student Field Experiences)
Kathleen Scholl (Health, Physical Education & Leisure Services)
Nicole Skaar (Educational Psychology & Foundations)

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences*
Alison Alstatt (Music)
Angela Burda (Communication Science & Disorders) & Stephen Hughes (Computer Science)
Theresa Camilli (Music)
Kavita Dhanwada (Biology)
Jeffrey Funderburk (Music)
Kenneth Hall (Art)
Rui He (Physics)
Laura Jackson (Biology)
Syed Kirmani (Mathematics)
Joyce Milambiling (Languages & Literatures)
Catherine Palczewski (Communication Studies)
Ben Schafer (Computer Science)
Jeremy Schraffenberger (Languages & Literatures)
Marek Sliwinski (Biology)
Theresa Spradling (Biology)
Michael Walter (Biology)
Wiens, Darrell Wiens (Biology)
Aaron Wilson (Art) & Tim Dooley (Art)

* Joint funding from the Provost and Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Carissa Foryum (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology)
Andrey Petrov (Geography)
Marybeth Stalp (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology)
Woodrick, Anne Woodrick (Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology) & Gene Lutz (Center for Social & Behavioral Research)

Rod Library
Tom Kessler (Rod Library)

Provost’s Small-Scale Project Grants (Up to $3,000)

Joyce Chen (Communication Studies)
Dilbur Arsiwalla (Psychology)
Julie Zhang (Technology)

Provost’s Large-Scale Project Grants (Up to $10,000)

Ga-Young Choi (Social Work)
Bingqing Liang (Geography)
Nicole Skaar (Educational Psychology & Foundations)
Amy Staples (Special Education)

NSF EPSCoR Seed Grants (Up to $3,000)

Peter Berendzen (Biology)
Gary Gute (Applied Human Sciences)
Rui He (Physics)
Julie Kang (Biology)
Andrey Petrov (Geography)
Nicholas Schwab (Psychology)Michael Walter (Biology)
Ping Gao (Curriculum & Instruction) & Leigh Zeitz (Curriculum & Instruction)
Martin Chin (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
John DeGroote (Geography)
Theresa Spradling (Biology) & James Demastes (Biology)
Betsy Zan (Curriculum & Instruction) & Mary Donegan-Ritter (Curriculum & Instruction)

Regents Innovation Funds (RIF) (Up to $10,000)

Angela Burda (Communication Science & Disorders) & Stephen Hughes (Computer Science)
Curtiss Hanson (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Tim Kidd (Physics)
Kirk Manfredi (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Vicki Oleson (Mathematics/Center for Teaching & Learning Mathematics)
Aleksandar Poleksic (Computer Science)