Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Proposal Routing and Approval Form

The Proposal Routing and Approval Form (a.k.a. Routing Form or PRAF) is required for all grants and contract submissions. This form is now electronic. The electronic PRAF should be started by the PI and will be routed through work flow to appropriate administrative personnel for review and approvals. Approvals are required from your dean and department head for the primary PI/PD and all Co-PI/PDs. Additional approvals or notifications (i.e. Facilities Planning, Human Subjects, etc.) may be required. The link to the electronic PRAF can be found on My Universe on the RSP pagelet. Or you can click on the link below:


For guidance in filling out the PRAF, please review the completion guide or reference the frequently asked questions


The electronic PRAF requires the following attachments:

A project needs a new Proposal Routing Form if

  • The original project period is extended beyond the initial project period, and additional funding and/or a new scope of work is awarded that was not previously anticipated.

A project does not need a new Proposal Routing Form if

  • It was proposed/submitted as a multi-year project and the next anticipated funding increment is being awarded;
  • The project period is extended by the sponsor at the request of UNI;
  • Additional funds are provided by the sponsor, but there is no change in scope of work or budget