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ScholarWorks - repository of scholarship from across the UNI community. All faculty and staff should consider developing a profile, if you have not already done so. You may also archive datasets to allow others to use the data and preserve them as a public resource. Email for information. 


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Interdisciplinary Research - What is it?

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ScholarWorks repository

Scholar Connexus - annual scholarly networking event for faculty, staff, and administrators


Training and Assistance

GeoTREE Consulting - provides consulting, training, and services related to GIS, GPS, and remote sensing systems.

UNI Statistical Consulting Center - free consulting for UNI faculty and staff. Contact Justine Radunzel at for information.

Center for Social and Behavioral Research - provides a wide variety of survey and other research support services, for a fee. Contact Mary Losch at to discuss needs and costs. 

Center for Educational Transformation - provides assistance, support, and sometimes funding for education research

Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development, 2013 (PDF) 

Companion Guidelines on Replication & Reproducibility in Education Research, 2018 Supplement (PDF)



Graduate College Student Research Awards

Celebration of Research and Scholarship - Hosted by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, this annual reception recognizes all of the faculty, staff, and administrators who contributed to seeking and managing external funding throughout the past year. 


Find Data

InterUniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research - UNI has a subscription provided by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Contact for further information.  

Secondary Data Sets


Collect and Analyze Data

Qualtrics online survey software - UNI has a subscription to this robust survey software platform used by researchers in many universities. At UNI, the Qualtrics system is overseen by the Office of Institutional Research. UNI faculty, staff, and students must first request free access to the program (link below), and then use the UNI log-in link with catID to develop and distribute surveys. IRB review and approval is often but not always required before disseminating a survey. Unless you are certain, email Interim IRB Administrator Rebecca Rinehart at to confirm. Tip: Large numbers of surveys being emailed at once can often trigger spam filters by universities, internet providers, and others, for which you may or may not receive notification. Choose your subject lines carefully and try to minimize the number of emails you send at one time to similar addresses (if possible). 

UNI access request

UNI log-in link

Help and support for using Qualtrics


Other Software Programs Available at UNI - available through IT ServiceHub

SPSS - Quantitative Analysis Program

NVIVO - Qualitative Analysis Software

RQDA - R Package for Qualitative Data Analysis


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Grants - Internal 

Grants - External


Publication and Presentation Resources

Student Research Presentation Events & Opportunities

Open Access publishing - Rod Library guide with information about how and why to consider open access

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) provides links to open access journals and endorses them to ensure they are not predatory. 

Some open access journals charge publication fees. Departments sometimes may defray these costs. RSP is also collaborating with Rod Library to consider developing a pool of funds to support faculty publication in these journals. 

List of area editors (PDF) if you need help with editing your thesis or manuscript  

Ithenticate plagiarism software - developed by the company that also provides, this preventive program allows you to submit your own manuscript and have it checked for plagiarism against already published articles.  One manuscript (up to 25,000 words) can be submitted up to 5 times for $ 100. (Other programs tend to allow smaller numbers of words.) Report is confidential and manuscript can be deleted from the program afterward.  RSP may be able to assist with the fee, if it is prohibitive for you. Email to request assistance.

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