Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Mission and Values

RSP Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) is to advance and support creative activity and scholarly research by working to:

  • Promote awareness of the intellectual life of the UNI community;
  • Encourage internal and external collaboration;
  • Support efforts to secure and administer sponsored funding; and
  • Ensure compliance with sponsored funding and research regulations, policies, and procedures.

RSP Professional Values:

Consistency:  providing uniform and non-contradictory assistance and support to faculty, staff, and students

Compliance:  ensuring adherence to federal, state, and sponsoring agencies’ rules and regulations pertaining to the administration of grants and contracts

Collaboration:  working with faculty, staff, students, University administration, and external figures to accomplish mutual goals

Respect:  acknowledging and valuing other people's ideas, backgrounds, experiences, different ability levels, and work
Receptiveness:  willingness to receive suggestions, ideas, and information to help us do our job more effectively and efficiently

Reliability:  being dependable; understanding and acting on requests based on need and agreed upon timeframes

Integrity:  adhering to ethical and professional values and behaviors

Service:  providing assistance in a way that benefits others

Thoroughness:  being conscientious about addressing and completing tasks