Award Notification
  • Notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs when you become aware that your grant or contract proposal has been approved for funding by the sponsor; email
  • Forward all original signature award documents with enclosures to RSP (mail code 0394) for processing.
Pre-Award Costs
  • Determine if you need to request a provisional account.
  • You will receive an account number to be used when making expenditures from your newly awarded project.
Your Project
  • Review the timeline submitted in your proposal.
  • Determine if you will be able to complete the Scope of Work as originally proposed.
  • Make sure you understand the due dates and requirements for program reports.
  • Contact Tolif Hunt for award modifications, if necessary (3-3025).
  • Make sure all faculty/staff involved in your grant have a copy of the budget
  • Refer to your budget when expending funds; some variations in major line items are allowed, others require sponsor permission (refer to the sponsor agreement or contact Tolif Hunt.) Expenditure object codes can be found on the Online Reports website.
  • When spending sponsored funds, keep in mind:
    • Is it allocable to your project?
    • Is it a reasonable purchase (price and necessary for the project)?
    • Is it consistent with UNI’s purchasing and accounting policies and procedures?
  • Determine if you need a budget revision as work on your project progresses.
  • Ask Tolif Hunt for assistance in revising your budget.
Cost Sharing
  • Determine if you need a budget revision.
  • PI/PDs are responsible for ensuring that monthly cost sharing transactions reports are submitted to RSP monthly - you will receive a report form from RSP for this purpose.
  • Federal funds generally cannot match other federal funds.
Conflict of Interest Policy
  • If applicable, fill out UNI’s Financial Disclosure form and send a copy to RSP.
  • The federal government requires these forms be updated annually.
  • Review UNI’s Conflict of Interest Policy.
Personnel Action Forms
  • PI/PDs are responsible for monitoring sub recipients (financial and programmatic).
  • RSP staff will prepare/process subaward documents.
  • Subrecipients are subject to the same terms and conditions of the prime award.
Purchasing Equipment or Supplies
  • Equipment is defined as items costing $5,000 or greater per unit; contact Michele Mullings-Shand if you are purchasing equipment.
  • Supplies must be purchased so they are consumed within the duration of the grant and are used to benefit the project.
Hiring Staff, Graduate Students and Tuition
  • Consult with your department secretary or department head for procedures on hiring someone for your grant
  • Are you going to pay students or tuition? Visit with Michele Mullings-Shand.
No Cost Extensions
  • Determine if you will need a no cost extension at least 60 days prior to the ending date of the project.
  • Travel must follow UNI’s established travel policies.
  • Travel outside the United States may need sponsor approval, review your award document.
  • Travel is obligated to a funding source when it is taken, not when it is paid.
Effort Reporting

Keeps track of the percentage of time contributed to a project; certified after every academic term (Fall, Spring, Summer) for faculty and twice per year (January and July for twelve month employees).

  • No one can be paid more than 100% of her/his time unless approved for special compensation.
Program Income
Cost Transfers
  • Must be completed within 90 days.
  • The cost transfer needs to be supported by sufficient written justification.
Close out
  • Know the date you must complete your project.
  • Know the date you must have all final financial paperwork to RSP.
  • Know the date you must have all final program reports to the sponsor.