UNI Scholarly Research Publications

Publications are as follows:

American Journal of Undergraduate Research

The American Journal of Undergraduate Research is a refereed journal launched in June 2002 for undergraduate research in the pure and applied sciences, mathematics, engineering, technology and related areas in education.

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

JCE is a flagship journal in ethnography, guiding qualitative research in the social sciences since 1972. Published six times per year, it provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for research that uses ethnographic methods to investigate human behavior in natural settings. JCE is peer reviewed.

Journal of Religion and Education

The Journal of Religion and Education is a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education. Articles are invited from diverse methodological approaches and theoretical and ideological perspectives. Over its history, the journal has paid particular attention to legal issues and court cases involving religion and education. In recent years, attention as been paid to the increasing presence and influence of religious and spiritual traditions from other cultures.

North American Review

North American Review is the oldest literary magazine in the U.S., starting in Boston in 1815. It publishes fiction and poetry pieces, but is also known to publish creative nonfiction with an emphasis on environmental and ecological matters, multiculturalism, and issues of gender and class. NAR has been published at the University of Northern Iowa since 1968.


Universitas provides a forum for showcasing University of Northern Iowa graduate faculty and graduate student achievements in research, scholarship, and creative activity. It intends to generate interdisciplinary campus-wide communication and collaboration among faculty and between faculty and students, to further the university's contact with the world wide scholarly and artistic community, and to serve as a resource for the people of Iowa and beyond.