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In 2015 UNI began implementing an Annual and 7-Year review process for all UNI Centers and Institutes based on the recommendation of a 2014 committee that reviewed UNI’s compliance with the Iowa Board of Regents reporting and tracking requirements for centers and institutes (BOR Policy 3.7 Approval and Closing of New Centers & Institutes).  The committee established an annual review process for all university centers and institutes and, per Iowa Board of Regents requirements, a more robust report for every center and institute that is completed once every 7-Years. 

This process has evolved significantly over the last several years and while we understand that annual reporting is not an easy task to fit in to a center director’s busy schedule the review committee has taken steps to try and make it a worth-while process that helps center and institute directors and staff evaluate past successes and better plan and focus the activities of year to come.

Background Information:  Below you can find a memo that was created and provided to the Office of the Provost in 2014 by a committee tasked with reviewing UNI’s center and institute reporting process.  The memo provides some background to how the University approaches center and institute reporting as a reference for center and institute directors.  This document contains outdated reporting forms; please use this document only as a background reference document.


UNI Center Review Process Establishment December 2014 (PDF)

Center Review Committee, Important Dates, and General Review Schedule (PDF)


7-Year Report Forms:


Annual Report Forms: