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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs transitioned to an online IRB application system in November of 2022.  The previous application forms are no longer accepted and anyone applying to the IRB must use the new system, Cayuse Human Ethics (aka "Cayuse IRB").  Cayuse IRB is an electronic submission portal that manages all human subjects research protocols from initial submission to closure. Cayuse IRB uses an interactive platform to guide researchers through the application process by customizing the information required based on responses to specific questions. The application can be saved at any stage in the submission process.

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Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics FAQs

What is Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics?
Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics is the online IRB submission system that UNI has selected to replace the current PDF application and email submission process. The system allows for all IRB submissions to be submitted online. In addition to new studies, all renewals, modifications, and incident reports will also be submitted and managed through this online system.

When is the “Go Live” date for new study submissions in Cayuse Human Ethics?
The “Go Live” date was November 1, 2022 when all new submissions began using the Cayuse IRB system.

What if I am working on an application using the previous form?
The previous (PDF) IRB application form and email submission system will no longer be used after October 31, 2022, and these forms will no longer be available after that time. We recognize that some investigators may have begun work on an application submission during this time while submitting it after November 1. To minimize the impact of this transition to the research community, these (PDF) application forms will be accepted through November 30, 2022. Please note: IRB applications using the PDF application forms will not be accepted after November 30, 2022. However, all current studies will ultimately be migrated over to the Cayuse platform to be managed on that platform.

Will currently active studies be migrated from old IRB system to Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics?
Yes, all active studies approved prior to the implementation of Cayuse will be migrated as "Legacy Studies."  The Legacy Study will only serve as a record that you have an active study.  Only your original application will be uploaded into Cayuse, but this record will allow you to request subsequent actions through Cayuse such as a Modification, Incident Report or Study Closure.   This process will take time for completion; archival documents will be maintained in the RSP-IRB database. 

Will closed studies be migrated to Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics?
No, closed studies will not be migrated.

Will training be offered on the new system?
Yes, training sessions can be scheduled by contacting IRB Administrator Lisa Ahern at lisa.ahern@uni.edu

Are there other training resources available?
The Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics Resource page was created for training and reference. Additional resources will be added as they become available.

Where can I find the link to the Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics module?
The entrance link can be found here. Please use your UNI CatID and password to enter.



IRB Contacts


  • IRB (Institutional Review Board)

For questions or other issues regarding the UNI IRB, contact IRB Administrator Lisa Ahern - lisa.ahern@uni.edu.

  • Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics Support   

For questions regarding use or issues regarding the Cayuse IRB system, please contact rsp@uni.edu.

  • IACUC (Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee)

For all questions about animal care on campus and/or the IACUC, please contact IACUC Chair David McClenahan - david.mclenahan@uni.edu.

  • RIO (Research Integrity Officer)

To report questionable research practices or incidences of observed or suspected misconduct, please contact the UNI Research Integrity Officer Gabriela Olivares - gabriela.olivaes@uni.edu.

  • Other

For all other questions on any topic not covered above, please contact the Director of Research and Sponsored Programs Tolif Hunt - tolif.hunt@uni.edu.



Questions concerning processing of IRB protocols or research projects involving human subjects should be directed to the IRB Administrator Lisa Ahern, lisa.ahern@uni.edu.