IRB Application - Cayuse Human Ethics


All IRB applications must be submitted through the online application system, Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics (aka “Cayuse IRB”).  For more information, Cayuse IRB.  As you respond to the application questions i Cayuse, you will need to upload other documents such as recruitment text and consent forms.  If you are conducting your study at another site, you will need a Letter of Cooperation.  Please use this page as a resource for developing your supporting application materials.



Consent / Assent / Permission Templates

Be sure to select the correct template, based on your study participants. If you are conducting research with minors, you must include a Parent/Guardian Permission form and child assent form with your application. Most studies involving children will require written parental permission and child assent.   If you are conducting research in schools, you must provide a Letter of Cooperation and also verify with the school administrator any additional approvals needed.   When preparing Consent forms, please make sure you are using the correct form, based on your participant and activity.  Use of templates and formatting below is strongly recommended.  All Consent forms must include these required elements. 

Document Description

Template Link

Consent for Basic Studies 

Adult Consent Template (DOC) 

Consent for Exercise Studies

Exercise Studies Consent Template (DOC)

Consent for SoTL Studies

SoTL Consent Template (DOC)

Parent or Guardian Permission 

Parental Permission Template (DOC)

Assent Form (Children 6-10)

Assent 6-10 Template (DOC)

Assent Form (Children 11-17)

Assent 11-17 Template (DOC)




Recruitment Materials

Use this checklist and sample to ensure that all requirements are included in your study documents.



Study Site Cooperation (Letter of Cooperation)



Other Materials 



Problem Reporting


When reporting an unanticipated problem or adverse events, please complete the "Incident Submission" form in Cayuse IRB. See Reporting Problems and Adverse Events for more information.