Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Depositing Award Payments

All award payments are to be sent to:

      University of Northern Iowa,
      ATTN: Cashier, Office of Business Operations
      Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0008


If a PI/PD or a department receives an award payment, the check must be delivered to the Cashiers Office as soon as possible. If the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has assigned an account number to the project, the payment will be deposited into that account by the Cashier.

If an account number has not yet been assigned to the project, contact Donna Uhlenhopp (3-7054) in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for instructions on how to deposit the funds. These funds need to be deposited into a specific ‘holding account’ until an account number is assigned to the project. Do not deposit the check into any other departmental account.