Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Notification of Sponsored Project Award (NSPA)

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs issues a Notification of a Sponsored Project Award (NSPA) whenever an agreement or an amendment is received from a sponsor. The NSPA is a summary of the award or the amendment and includes information such as total money awarded, account numbers, grant ending dates and due dates for reports. 

NSPA and Post Award Management:
Once a project has been funded, the NSPA becomes a helpful tool to help PI/PDs and support staff manage sponsored projects. Refer to the NSPA to verify:

  • Project start and end dates, as well as report due dates
  • Expenditure object codes and budget are consistent with the original budget
  • Modifications/Amendments

Note:  Please notify the Karen Bass if there is an error or inconsistency in your NSPA.

Account Numbers on the NSPA
The Oracle account number is used to initiate all expenditures with the University. The segments of the Oracle number represent the Fund, Appropriations Year, Organization, Object, Program, Function, Activity, and Line.
For example: 5302  09  12345  9876  31  4561  123

Accessing Financial Reports
In order to have access to financial reports, individuals must have e-Business access. Each person who needs to access the e-Business system or financial reports must complete the ORACLE Financial Document Routing and Authorization Form. Completion of the authorization form will determine the type of access, application responsibility, dollar approval limit, and routing for requisition approvals.  e-Business help is available at 273-5555 or