UNI Trademark Licensing Program

The University of Northern Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa ranks among the top regional universities in the Midwest. The University was founded in 1876 and is located in beautiful Cedar Falls, Iowa. The University is an integral part of the Cedar Falls-Waterloo metropolitan area. UNI has an enrollment of approximately 12,000 and an alumni base of over 112,000.

Academic Programs at UNI

UNI has more than 90 majors to choose from, including nationally recognized programs in accounting, education, and mathematics and science education. The general education courses provide students with a quality liberal arts education. Our student services division helps students achieve their maximum potential by offering a variety of services, including academic advising, counseling, health services, and more. Academics are complemented by more than 250 student clubs and organizations.

Athletic Programs at UNI

UNI competes in 17 men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletic sports: seven men’s and 10 women’s sports, attracting a regional audience. UNI competes in the Division I Missouri Valley Conference in all sports except football and wrestling. Football is in the Division I Missouri Valley Football Conference with wrestling in the Mid-America Conference.

University Licensing and Trademark Objectives

The licensing program at the University of Northern Iowa seeks to protect the University’s good name, identifying marks and reputation by ensuring that all products bearing its name or likeness are of the finest quality and reflect positively on the University. The licensing program also promotes the University by stimulating public awareness and support of the University through commercial use of its name and marks.

Protected Marks of UNI

Examples of UNI’s logos are as follows: Panther Athletic Logo, University Seal, University of Northern Iowa Nameplate and Stacked UNI.

The University wordmarks include University of Northern Iowa, UNI, UNI-Dome.

The University asserts ownership over its name or any other mark or symbol that is associated with or refers to the University. Any product bearing an identifying mark, which can be interpreted as representing UNI, must be licensed.

The Licensing Program Facts

The primary goal of the licensing program is to protect the reputation and integrity of the University by regulating the use of its name or identifying marks.

Any individual, organization or company wishing to use the University of Northern Iowa’s name or marks for commercial venture, promotions or in advertising campaigns must obtain a license.

Products bearing an identifying mark, which can be interpreted as representing the University of Northern Iowa, must be licensed.

Most products will be considered for licensing, although the University does have the right to decline licensing of specific products.

Non-resale purchases by the University on a University purchase order are exempt from royalties. There are no exemptions for any retail outlet.

Royalties are paid by the person who is manufacturing the product bearing the University’s marks.
If a product bears the Collegiate Licensed Product label, consumers can be assured their purchases support the University of Northern Iowa. This label represents quality and guarantees that the purchase supports UNI and its students.

Procedures to Become Licensed

Any person/organization/vendor wanting to use the University of Northern Iowa’s identifying marks must obtain a license. The licensing agreement grants the licensees the non-exclusive right to use the University’s marks; in return the licensee pays an 8 percent royalty fee. The University reserves the right to review a licensee’s records to ensure compliance. The University, based on the quality of goods and the proper use of the University’s marks, must approve all licensed products.
Promotion/premium programs require a special agreement and must be approved by the licensing administrator.

The licensing program staff continually researches the marketplace to ensure compliance with the University’s licensing program. The University of Northern Iowa is devoted to protecting its property rights and in protecting licensees from unfair competition.

The University seeks to enhance the success of the licensing program by: maintaining a program designed to stimulate public awareness of the licensing program and its ability to recognize licensed goods; providing to licensees names and addresses of retailers who sell UNI apparel and products; working with retailers, at their request, to license a company not currently licensed (provided they meet all requirements); and preparing regularly for retailers a list of current licensees and their product lines to discourage the illegal sale of unlicensed products.

For more information or to report unlicensed goods, contact:

University of Northern Iowa
Licensing Department
UNI-Dome NW Upper
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0314

Phone: (319) 273-3168
Fax: (319) 273-7832
Email: artapproval@uni.edu

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