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Your Copyright Ownership

Excerpted from UNI Policies and Procedures

Copyright ownership and the right thereof are terms provided by Federal law. The University believes that its copyright policy objectives will best be attained within the context of the Federal law by defining the equities of ownership of copyrightable material in terms of the following categories. Copyright ownership of all materials, which are developed with use of University facilities, shall reside with the University or the UNI Research Foundation as allowed and provided by law, except as follows:

  1. The University will not assert ownership of copyrightable materials produced by faculty members as a part of their normal teaching or scholarly activities at the University unless University ownership is specifically provided for in a related agreement.

  2. Copyright ownership of all materials which are developed in the course of, or pursuant to, sponsored research or other agreement(s) or Federal or State law directly applicable to the agreement. In the absence of such agreement terms, or Federal/State law, except as provided under D.1.a. above, the copyright will be the property of the University to the extent allowed by law.

  3. In the case of theses, the author(s) of a thesis shall own the thesis copyright but must, as a condition of a degree award, grant royalty-free permission to the University to reproduce and publicly distribute copies of the thesis.2. Revenues received through the licensing of copyrights shall be shared as defined by the distribution for patent royalties.