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Information about Training in Protection of Human Research Participants

Training Requirements

All investigators and key personnel who are going to be involved in human subjects research at UNI must provide documentation that they have received training in human research participant protections.  The UNI IRB accepts documentation from any legitimate training program or organization for this purpose, including the training option described below. The documentation, such as a training certificate, can be submitted with the first IRB application in which the individual is involved, or otherwise at any point before becoming involved in the research.

Training documentation is kept on file by the IRB for future reference as needed. If the IRB office has already received your training certificate, you should check "on file" on the cover page of your IRB application. Students, please note that providing your certificate to a professor does not mean your certificate is now on file in the IRB office. Some professors forward them and some do not. If you are not sure if we have your certificate, you can email the RSP office at and ask.

Key personnel are those who have authority or responsibility for the design or management of the project, as well as those involved in recruitment or data collection activities. Individuals who typically do not require training (although they may benefit from it) are staff involved in de-identified data entry, data analysis only, individuals providing video services, or individuals in the community who distribute written materials or make announcements about the study according to written script(s) provided by the research team. Any person who actually explains the study for recruitment purposes or attempts to answer questions about the research must receive training before doing so.


Online Training - The CITI Program

One option for faculty, staff, and students is to take an online course in Human Subjects Protections hosted by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), based at the University of Miami. This program offers online courses that can be accessed by anyone affiliated with UNI. (See the CITI Training Program link below). The CITI tutorials are engaging and many are tailored to specific areas of research. The tutorial takes an average of 2-3 hours (although it may take longer for some depending on the course and numbers of elective modules you complete), and does not have to be completed in one sitting. The training certificate from CITI will automatically be sent to the IRB office. Important note: in order to meet IRB requirements, you must complete the "Human Subjects Research Course", not the course on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). While RCR is an important elective training resource offered by the IRB, it does not meet the IRB training requirement in human subjects protections.

CITI Instructions (PDF)

CITI Training Program


On Campus IRB Learning Tutorials/Discussion Sessions

IRB Chair Todd Evans offers two IRB tutorials each semester for the campus community. Rather than comprehensive certifiable training, these individualized tutorial sessions are designed to explain the UNI IRB submission and review process within the context of the needs of attendees, their research plans, and preparation of their IRB materials. (Please note: these sessions no longer fulfill the IRB training requirement.) All sessions will be Zoom virtual discussions. To register and obtain Zoom meeting information, please contact Sean Parrish at or click on one of the registration links below. 


For faculty and staff interested in learning sessions individualized for their classes, please contact IRB Chair Todd Evans at for more information.




If you have questions about UNI human subjects training requirements, please contact the RSP office at

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