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(Forms are updated periodically.  We suggest you bookmark this page and download forms each time you need them.)


Application Forms

The Standard Application form has been updated (2017) and is now a fillable PDF.  Therefore, you must open the form in Adobe in order to save your information.  If you open the form in a browser (which some computers automatically do) and try to complete it, the data won't save.  So be sure to download the form to your computer first or otherwise ensure you are using Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 or DC to open it (which should be available on most campus computers).  Another, better option is just to make sure that Adobe is selected as the default program to open PDF files, rather than Firefox or another browser.  Here are a few basic tips (DOC) for working with the more recent fillable PDFs, or you can visit Adobe's Help site for complete information.

If you are planning an Existing Data study, please continue to use the form below.  However, disregard the instructions to mail in a paper copy.  All IRB processes are now electronic. 

The PreK-12 Classroom form is for action research projects being undertaken by UNI graduate students in their own schools.  Guidance on when to use the form are provided in the instructions on the form.  This form is also in pdf, so be sure to download it and open it in Adobe only. 

Oral history projects no longer require a full review.  This form is required to document that your study is actually an oral history project, and if so, you will be authorized to proceed without IRB review.  If you are conducting a standard research project that involves qualitative interviewing, use the Standard application form above. 

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