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Cayuse IRB - November 2022

CAYUSE IRB-Human Ethics - IRB Submission Process
Starting Tuesday, November 1, 2022, all IRB applications should be submitted through the Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics (aka “Cayuse IRB”) online portal. Cayuse IRB is a new, cloud-based IRB application submission and management system which streamlines all components of the IRB process. All applications, reviews, approval records, and other documents will be managed through Cayuse IRB. PDF applications submitted through email will no longer be accepted after November 30, 2022. For more information on this transition and the new Cayuse IRB - Human Ethics system, please visit




Recruitment Checklist and Samples (PDF)

Use this checklist to ensure all required elements are included in your study invitations. See also Recruitment.

Consent Checklist (PDF)

Use this checklist to ensure all required elements are included in your consent document(s). See also Consent.





Sample Recruitment Texts and Checklist (PDF)

Sample Brief Consent Text (DOC)

Sample Consent Form (Adults) or Permission Form (Parents) (DOC)

Sample Assent Form - Children 6-10 (DOC)

Sample Assent Form - Teens 11-17 (DOC)

Sample Consent Form - Exercise Studies (DOC)

Emergency Action Plan Guidelines - Exercise Studies (DOC)



Letters of Cooperation


For guidance, see Study Site Cooperation.

Sample Formal Letter of Cooperation (DOC)

Sample Informal (Email) Letter of Cooperation (DOC)



Problem Reporting


IRB Problem Reporting Form (PDF)

Use this form to report unanticipated problems and adverse events. See also Reporting Problems and Adverse Events.


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